If you have found this website, this group, and this blog – you must identify as an introvert somehow. If you are an extroverted person trying to understand what makes us introverts tick, welcome as well!

Being an introvert is not a bad thing; it isn’t something that sets you behind. It isn’t something where you are holed up in your basement, not wanting any social interactions. More than one-third of the population are introverts! So you are in great company. These extraordinary other deep thinkers are doing all the things you are – working hard, being successful, and knowing how they tick themselves to enable them to work in many different industries worldwide.

Now, back to why Introverts make AWESOME Virtual Assistants. 

Our overall characteristics are meant to be in business in some way – so why not support multiple.

If you think about business leaders you admire, many would say that they would be quiet-natured, thoughtful, considered, and measured. We fit that description as introverts quite a lot of the time.

Not saying that is always true, but if you take the 80/20 rule, it probably would be accurate. In saying this as well, this mentality would be something of a “soothing balm” for a business owner. Knowing that having an introvert professional like you means that you are taking each step of their business with care – maybe a few recommendations along the way – but we continually look at situations differently and can bring a new vision to our client’s business.

This helps our clients in the long run when it comes to knowing their business is being cared for.

Our comfort (and often preference) to working alone is part of the world of VAs.

Running a home-based business, like a virtual assistant business, gives you the freedom to use your skills and energy levels wisely. In that, it also allows us to be the backbone to a business owner, all while working in an environment where we feel most comfortable as well enjoy working for along for long periods alone – and we LOVE it.

In this, though we are thoughtful team players, often as introverts, our characteristics show that we tend to be self-reliant and depend on ourselves when making the right decisions as we are less concerned about how others will judge those decisions. 

3 Reasons Why Introverts Make Awesome Virtual Assistants

Technology is our natural friend – in a digital space; this is KEY!

Introverts are more inclined to write out thoughts than share them in a group vocally when possible. With that, technology makes it much easier to be involved in your terms at many levels. This innate training helps in the Virtual Assistant world.

Being inclined to use technology to network, take meetings, and participate in learning means that as an introvert, using different programs/software is a natural ability. This fits into the world of Virtual Assistants so well, where there is a plethora of additional software that your clients could use at any one time, in many combinations.

As an introvert, our care and thoughtfulness often become a shining quality in a business where many decisions are made. As a virtual assistant, this asset is helpful when you consider helping other business owners (let alone other introverts/extroverts you may come across in the teams you work on). Not to mention, our working style is often a match for the long days of solo work, behind a computer in a home office. 

So as an introvert, if you have been considering a move into the Virtual Assistant world, then you might have found an ideal home for your career, personal goals, and personal development. In this industry, regardless of your niche (another subject for another day), you will never. Be bored, nor lack opportunities to grow your skills, network, nor learn where your specialty might be.

With saying all this, how can an introvert not be an AMAZING Virtual Assistant to any business? What do you think? Did we miss anything in describing where we introverts will shine? We would love to hear in the comments below!

If you are thinking of diving into Virtual Assisting and are needing a little help to get systems in place and more – checkout the Introverpreneur Club; I, Tara, am here to help you with systems, how to find clients, and so much more! I would love to see you join us!