4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind as a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer

Have you done your spring cleaning yet? I don’t mean the one in your house, even though that one is needed as well, but I mean more of spring cleaning your mind. But what does that actually mean? Our minds are busy with at least 50000 thoughts each day and that’s a lot to keep up with. We should incorporate time for ourselves to slow down and reflect on our thoughts. As business owners, we’re working a lot and we do NEED a break to take a deep breath and ease down.

If you have never properly done it before, don’t worry! I have here some suggestions for you that can give you an idea of what can help you declutter your mind as a VA or freelancer. 

Cultivate Some Time For Solitude

Having some me-time is super important! Everyone can enjoy a different type of me time, but some examples of what you could do would be meditation, prayer, nature walks, or even exercise. Whatever you prefer, add it to your daily routine and block time in your schedule for yourself. It doesn’t need to be an hour or two, it can even be 10-15 minutes daily. Although, if you’ll have it in your calendar, you will be less likely to skip it and postpone it for the next time. I challenge you to try it for a week and see whether it makes any difference in your busy life.

Free Up Your Mental Clutter With Journaling 

Have you ever tried journaling? Getting all of your thoughts and emotions out on paper can help you free up some space in your mind’s hard drive. Let the thoughts move through you instead of becoming stagnant and write about how you feel. It doesn’t need to be perfect writing, it might not make sense for someone else who would read it but find your own creative way of expressing your feelings. It also might be nice to see the progress you made over time when you look back at it one day.

Release Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Don’t dwell on self-limiting beliefs but see them for what they are and that they AREN’T true. If something is holding you back from up-leveling your business, write it down or talk it through with someone who can help you overcome this. Fear is one of the main reasons why we are doubting or limiting ourselves and in order to move on, we need to release it. Think about all the achievements you’ve had, how far you’ve already come, and how amazing you are! I’m not saying to ignore your feelings, but rather acknowledge how you feel and then think about the positive sides of the situation or what you CAN do about it.

Speak Your Truth 

You hear me! Whatever it may be that you are scared to say out loud, share it! Bottling things up is never a good idea and speaking your truth will give you this sense of freedom and you’ll feel much better after sharing it with people around you. I’m sure no matter what it is that you are scared to say, you will receive support from loved ones and the weight will come off your shoulders. This could be sharing your story, your experiences, or even expressing your opinion. It all matters and the world needs more authenticity and people who are not afraid to take action and speak their truth!


Spring clean for your mind should be mandatory and a regular thing to do! However, not everyone does it and we tend to postpone it for later or for another day. Our mind is a powerful tool that we can use but since it’s dealing with tens of thousands of thoughts daily, we need to give it a regular break. 

Block off some time for yourself each day, even if it’s only 10-15 minutes a day. You can go for a walk outside, meditate, or exercise. Find the way how you can best disconnect and add it to your calendar. You can also start journaling which can help you get out all the thoughts and emotions and have it all written. 

The last suggestion would be to release your self-limiting thoughts and speak your truth. These will help you overcome fear and be the best version of yourself.




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