You started your own business, you are ready to work with clients, but what’s next?

Being a business owner and having to look for clients can be a challenge, especially from the start, but when you already find the right people to work with, you should still keep being proactive with your feet steady on the ground. There are always things that can be improved since we are constantly learning during our entrepreneurship life with ever-changing pretty much everything every day/week. So how can you be more proactive as a service-based entrepreneur? Keep reading for 5 effective ways that I would recommend.

Tweak Your Current Offering

What current services are you providing that can be tweaked to serve an ideal client?

You most likely already have some packages or services that you are offering. But are these serving your ideal client or just everyone?

Go through your current services/package that you offer and tweak it. Research on what your ideal audience is asking for or what challenges they are facing and then adjust your offering accordingly. You might want to add or remove some tasks, or if people request a specific task a lot, add it to your offering. For example, social media managers can do full Instagram management or just focus on creating strategies. In case they are doing both and their potential ideal client doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a monthly retainer, they can still upsell the cheaper package that has a roadmap for them, so you tell them how to manage it themselves.

Adjust the Client’s Strategy

Depending on your current clientele, what are you seeing in their business that you’d love to assist with? Is there anything specific that you can see the potential in and you could help them with? Talk to your client and see whether they would be interested in revamping the parts that you think could be improved. Although, don’t just say this is horrible but  propose a solution or an idea for an improvement.

I would also say that it’s always great to have an outsider’s point of view on certain things since that person usually sees things, that your client can’t see. Bring in ideas and don’t be afraid to suggest improvements that can help.

Small Details Matter

While doing tasks always make sure to look at the small details – grammar, wording placement, content appearance/overall aspect, keeping your clients’ same level of integrity in all you do, using brand voice etc. Small details count, and that’s why you should make an effort to do your best and be professional. These things add up to make a great impact and your clients will notice how thorough you are, caring about things that not everyone might pay attention to.

Build Long-Term Relationships

One-off projects are good from time to time, but working with clients that you will help to build/improve their business over time is so much better. By working with someone long-term, you will know all the ins and outs of their business, you will establish mutual trust, respect, and relationship that is very valuable when working with an ideal client. Make it a point to keep and grow lasting connections with your clients, but also with your leads and audience.

Nurture your community, be consistent with a conversation between you, remember some important info about them, ask questions, follow up, and keep supporting each other.

Ask for a Testimonial

Have you ever wondered how to ask your client(s) for a testimonial? I’m sure you’re not the only one! Sometimes it might feel intimidating to ask your client to write you one, not because you didn’t do a good job, but because you don’t want to bother them with it. BUT don’t worry, if they are satisfied with what you’ve done for them, most of the people won’t have a problem writing it for you. Just ask, you deserve to have feedback on your work.


Entrepreneurship is a journey and being a proactive service-based entrepreneur, can help you create long-lasting relationships, build trust, and bring value to your client and audience. Make sure you are constantly improving your workflow, tweak your offerings, pay attention to details, and don’t be afraid to step up the game and suggest some improvements for your client’s strategy. You are constantly evolving and so does your and your client’s business. By creating long-lasting relationships, it will help you not just to get a good testimonial that you should btw ask for, but also you will build trust and mutual respect.

How are you being proactive in your business? Let me know in the comments section below.


How to be Proactive as a Service Based Entrepreneur