As a Freelancer/Virtual Assistant, literally, time is money. If you can set your business up for any sort of efficiencies, not only does it free up time to work on more tasks for your client (and therefore more income potential) but it also allows you to be able to move from tasks to task quickly as to allow you time to shut down each day and grow your business as well.

Here are a few time-saving business tools that, in my humble opinion, are the ones every Virtual Assistant needs. Some are paid, some are free – let’s learn more about them.

Last Pass – Free and Paid

Now this vault system is the best thing in our world. With so many logins, passwords, and tasks in a day – simplifying your password sharing process – it not only makes it much easier to get work done, but you don’t have to lose time trying to get the updated passwords from your clients.

This program keeps everything you need (addresses, credit card info, logins, and more) all in one secure place with one Master Password to keep it all together.

Another neat tool it offers, that I think everyone should use, if you have to share your password with a subcontractor or if your client needs to share with you – use the SHARE function. 

Not only this streamlines the password sharing process but if your client updates your password due to the needs of the site in question, it automatically updates for you as well.

Profile Options – Chrome & Microsoft Edge

By creating “profiles” for you and your clients – it saves you maxing out your logins under each browser but it also enables you to better time block by only having open the needs for one client at a time.

Another part of this that helps, it means that any bookmarks you make etc are then specific to the client you are working with as well.

Snipping Tool (free!)

This handy tool, it allows you to take screenshots very quickly. It is very simple shortcut keys to action them. 

Why this is handy? Well, if you are sending content/images to a client for review before you purchase (if you pay per image) – you can send a screen shot quickly to get that approval. 

It speeds along your approval process without unnecessary cost. It also allows you to share complications needing assistance and if you are working with others remotely, you can share images quickly of what you are working on.

To Use this tool, on PC’s you press Windows + Shift + S and then drag around what you wish to capture.

To Use this tool, on Mac’s you press Command + Shift + 3 and drag around what you wish to capture.

Grammarly – both paid and free versions

Grammarly is a game-changer. Though Grammarly Pro has more functions, the free version does a lot to review your emails and content for corrections. You can also enable it on your phone as a keyboard function to correct your text messages along with your emails.

It has functions ranging from readability, plagiarism, grammar, and spelling. It will help with proper spacing and commas etc.

Whether you are a professional or a student, this is something that is very handy to have in your toolbox.

Wave Accounting

Looking for a free option for bookkeeping needs, to be able to keep track of your expenses and invoice your clients for billable hours? Wave fits that bill – there are paid functions you can add but at its base, it is free software that allows you to run your business efficiently and create the cashflow you were looking for.

Their support is very helpful and knowledgeable. That is very helpful when it comes to the bookkeeping side of your business – especially at tax time.

9 Time Saving Business Tools for Virtual Assistants


In this post-COVID reality, we are all very aware of Zoom and its functions. However, did you know that they updated filters to fix your makeup and create frames around you? Those moments of light-hearted team building in the middle of a meeting. It is something to create fun in the virtual workplace as well as use it for the lead and new client onboarding of your business. 

LOOM – Free and Paid

This program is amazing for an interaction tool, the ability to use it to educate your team on processes, or to help better explain creative changes with a quick video vs trying to write out what you need.

This is amazing for helping you prepare for webinars – and it gives you up to 5 mins per video before you need to worry about paying for it.

Canva – Free and Pro

We all know about Canva and its amazing graphic tools that are just a click away. If you pay for the Pro subscription, you get more options on stock photos, creative fonts, the ability to use different animated features and so much more.

I’m not sure what I would do without this program.

Slack Messaging

This is what MSN used to be for us back in the day – okay I’m dating myself a bit, but the point is made. You can use this chat software as a means to communicate with Team members (and therefore team build – social hours) to be able to communicate quickly with clients as well.

With integration abilities like Google Calendar – where it can message you what is on your calendar and so much more, Slack is the software that gives you an ability to do your job and run your business efficiently by engaging those you work with on a fast and professional basis without filling your email with unnecessary communications.

ClickUp – Free and Paid (and similar Project Management Software)

The last but not least program I think you should have in your toolbox would be ClickUp. This program helps me organize my content calendar, prioritize my workflow, delegate to team members and so much more!

This is one of my favorite productivity tools that makes a difference in the flow of my business for my own growth and that of my client work – for me, my team, and my personal needs as well.

I hope that some of these tools have made a big difference in my business, on the day to day as well as personally speaking. What other tools work great for you that we didn’t discuss today? Would love to hear in the comments below!


9 Time Saving Business Tools for Virtual Assistants