EP08 - Building an Authentic and Empowering Business with Natalia Komis

Our guest today is Natalia Komis, an intuitive business mentor, spiritual leader, and the founder of Remote Mission. She is known for her entrepreneurial mission-led projects that empower the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Supporting conscious entrepreneurs and female leaders around the world since 2012, Natalia is passionate about sharing the strategies, insights, and spiritual techniques she’s learned along the way so your mission is brought to the world with ease and impact.

Her creative and holistic approach to business is revolutionizing the way we see and do work and ‘making a living’.  While her unique and modern businesses, programs and concepts, (Elemental Business Design™ and Activate Your Mission™) allow others to embrace their individuality, discover their true calling, and create and accelerate memorable businesses that change the world.

She is passionate about being an advocate for gender equality, empowering those who are disadvantaged, and sharing stories about those living their soul mission which she explores on the Humans on a Mission Podcast. An international artist, she channels Creative Light Code Activations™ to aid her clients’ transformations. She has always believed in and seen spirits and as a natural energy healer, she now uses her gifts to channel messages to aid her client’s connection and growth. Her favorite pastime is walking along the beach with her rescue dog Kali and watching the sun go down.

In this episode, Natalia and I are diving deep to discuss her journey into how she started and got to where she is in her business, masculine and feminine energies for each day of the week, pivoting in business, owning your power, and many other juicy topics. 

Pivoting In Your Business

In your business, it’s important to be authentic. Your authenticity is what connects you to your audience. However, when you are showing up in a way that doesn’t feel right for you – more than likely your audience will pick up on it as well. 

For Natalia, she started her journey by writing for a PR company when she was at her university, working at art galleries after graduating, and eventually realized after 2 years of office life that it wasn’t for her. She began traveling and working with art again, which led her to Nepal. While there, she did workshops for the British Council. Her friends in Nepal, who she now considered family, asked her about working for herself doing workshops, and teaching others about what she was doing. That started it all for her and led her to what she is doing now which is help others to connect with their true selves, to become fully self-expressed, to understand what it is that they are here to do, through lots of different tools and means of connecting and just allowing themselves to be their true selves.

Not only is it okay to pivot your business, but it allows you to get closer and closer to the work that you truly enjoy. It’s also okay to step away from what you’ve been doing to make some space for yourself. I have also pivoted a few times in my business from artisan jewelry designer to virtual assistant, to Pinterest manager, and so on. Each title I held served a purpose for me and helped carry me into the next season of my business.

You Can Be a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

As you are planning or launching your business, it can seem like you only have the option to choose one of your passions, but the fact is, your passions can intersect. As Natalia beautifully puts it – once you’ve discovered your soul mission, it acts as your umbrella brand and is the golden thread that connects everything else together! 

You aren’t locked into one target audience or one product or service. Instead, your multiple passions can be evolving and changing. With your business growth over time, what started out as authentic to you a few years ago may not be the case for you now. You get to do that in your business because after all, it is your own journey. Natalia mentions that she’s never met anyone who just had one passion that they’re interested in or one thing that they want to do for the rest of their life. Even people who are truly successful doing one specific thing, they’re always going to have other passions as well, which was something that really bugged her about the art world with using the same art technique or style to gain success. 

Using Masculine and Feminine Energies For Different Days of the Week

Given your day-to-day tasks in your business, it’s easy to make Monday your busiest day and by the time Friday rolls around, you are exhausted. Thats how I typically structure my work week and I’m usually pretty burned out by Friday and the cycle would repeat. Thanks to Natalia’s advice, I will now set up my week for success in a whole new way.

In the words of Natalia, each day of the week tends to hold more masculine or feminine energy to it. The way I have been structuring my schedule with Monday being my busier day was set up as more masculine, meaning that I was taking action, being more structured, and more focused. The way I am starting to plan my Monday from now on will be more feminine in that I will go with the flow more and listen to what feels right for my body to do when starting my week. 

How does your workweek look?

Is it more structured and focused on Mondays?

And does it leave you feeling a little burnout by Friday?

How Showing Up When You Feel Like It Leads to More Authenticity

At one point in my business, I was continuously showing up on live video, which I really despise doing as an introvert and it drained me. Everyone was telling me that was what I had to do to be successful and grow my audience, but I found that I was putting all of this energy into it and it wasn’t connecting with people. Then, it clicked for me that it’s not connecting with people because it’s obvious it’s not authentic to me. I’m not having fun doing them. I’m not really able to connect with people this way. So it’s just a waste of time and energy.

As I mentioned above, I feel like it’s so important to really stay true to yourself especially in your business as an introvert. You don’t want to grow a business and be so stressed out and burned out and having to work like 20 hours, seven days a week. No thank you! So, knowing when to allow yourself time away from your work, or when to give yourself permission to show up when you want to is key to your success. You get to make those empowered decisions for yourself and it allows you to stay authentic for your connections, audience, or followers.

I couldn’t agree more with how Natalia describes it. She says you are in control of what this looks like, and that’s the beauty of running your own business and of working for yourself. You can create your reality and what your work life looks like, what your business looks like, how you want to grow your team, how everybody else works, what times they work, and where they work. And she also mentions that this allows you to be more in your power!

Three Tips to Launch Your Idea Into a Service-Based Business

When you have an idea or you’re wanting to launch your business and you’re in the beginning stages of this process, there are three tips that Natalia has to offer.

  1. Never underestimate the power of being a nice human being. 
  2. Human connection is probably the most important thing in any business, the relationships you build, the connections that you make, and how you connect with your audience. 
  3. Remember to always come back to you, to your flow, to your light, and to do what feels good to your soul mission.

Along with that, she shares that one of the first things she does with her clients is actually discovering and uncovering what their sole mission is and then creating a mission statement. For her clients going forward, if it doesn’t somehow connect, or if it’s not relevant to this statement or mission, then question whether it’s actually in alignment with who you are and what you want to do because so many entrepreneurs and creatives have so many ideas and it’s actually quite difficult to decide on.

Setting Boundaries and Practicing Them

In your business, another thing you need to do is set boundaries for yourself and for your clients. This also means that you should stick to practicing them. It’s super important because if you slack in one area it can hinder the other areas. For instance, I’ve had some clients where I’ve set those boundaries, but then I’ve gone ahead and ignored them myself and answered emails like at 10 o’clock at night or on the weekends. Then they will expect that, so I think it’s important to also set them and stick to them because we are teaching clients how we work. If we’re not respecting our own boundaries, how are we going to expect our clients to respect them? Natalia has also dealt with this and she says that one of the biggest issues of working in the online space and being available 24-7. 

Another area for me that I needed to set boundaries for was social media. I have really had to be more mindful, especially on Instagram, where you’re having to constantly engage and network with people and make connections. When I’m engaging, I will look inward about who I am giving my energy to. And if I have a lot of posts in my feed that are affecting me negatively, I will unfollow. I do not need that in my space taking up energy that I need to actually engage with people. It’s important as Natalia mentions, and she says we can control our feeds. We don’t have to let social media control us, which is so true.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode with Natalia as she provided so many incredible takeaways and tips on owning your power and being authentic in your business. If you want to find balance in your business with your masculine and feminine energies, then Natalia’s Energy Mastery Guide will help you discover the right flow for you as an empowered business owner and introvert. 

If you’re wanting to find alignment and more flow in your business as an introvert and use your strengths, which of Natalia’s tips are you excited to implement?

A Breakdown of This Episode

[2:41] Natalia’s story and how she got started with her business helping others find their soul’s mission

[10:16] Your work doesn’t have to be just one of your passions, it can be the umbrella that brings everyone together

[21:37] The different energies you use for each day and which days are more masculine and feminine in nature 

[27:50] Showing up when you feel like it and when you’re in your light 

[33:37] 3 tips Natalia shares for those who have an idea and are launching their business to work with clients

[42:34] Setting up boundaries, practicing them, and sticking to them

[45:08] We don’t have to let social media control us because we can control our feeds

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