EP 15: Using Clubhouse Strategically to Get More Leads with Melissa Litchfield

Where are you generating leads in your business? Facebook or Instagram? If you didn’t know, you can use Clubhouse to generate leads for you a lot quicker than what you might get from other forms of social media. It’s all about using the platform in a strategic way to give value to your target audience and leading them off the app to somewhere else as your end goal. It’s one of the many reasons I love Clubhouse and because you are just using your voice for this platform – it’s great for introverts!

Our guest on the podcast today is Melissa Litchfield. She is a 33-year-old, southern California native, currently living in Savannah, Georgia. For the past 7 years,  she’s been helping online entrepreneurs market themselves online with paid and organic traffic. 

She owns Litchfield Media Co, a digital advertising company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket their impact and revenue with paid traffic. And she lives with her husband (who serves in the US Coast Guard) and her four-year-old daughter, Madeline.

In this episode, Melissa and I dive into how she got started on Clubhouse, what her first week was like on the app, setting boundaries on Clubhouse, being more strategic on Clubhouse for your business, and her Clubhouse mini-course, which you definitely need if you plan to use Clubhouse for your business to get more leads.

Waiting for an Invite to Join Clubhouse?

Before you can join Clubhouse, you have to get an invite from someone you know already on the app. It was really hard for Melissa to get an invite right after it was released publicly because there weren’t many people that were using Clubhouse yet, but finally in December of 2020, she was able to hop onto the app for the first time. 

She had been noticing that her engagement was down on Instagram already, so she was ready to try something new. Even from the beginning, Melissa knew it was an awesome opportunity to meet new people, make connections and collaborate with her ideal audience that had not been following her on Instagram. She helped her clients land their own clients by co-hosting and moderating with them since they were also new to the app. 

From using Clubhouse in a strategic way, Melissa saw an increase in many areas of her business in just the first month:

  • 400% increase in Instagram content interactions
  • 400 new followers on Instagram
  • landed lots of new clients from them being in her Clubhouse rooms
  • and $3,500 in passive income made from sending people to her Instagram DMs and giving them links to her current offers

How to Be Productive With Your Time on Clubhouse

Just like with many new apps that you start using, you stay on the app longer for the first few weeks to learn all the things and discover new things. This can lead to you feeling overwhelmed. The same can be said for Clubhouse. You want to make the most of your time with this platform, especially if you are using it strategically for your business to bring in new leads.

As you are starting out on the Clubhouse app, Melissa shares some things you can do to be more productive with your time because as she mentions – you want to be intentional with your time! You want to set healthy boundaries for yourself from the very beginning. Set a specific number of rooms that you plan to do and don’t go over that number. If you are a people-pleaser, as many introverts are, don’t be afraid to say no to co-hosting or room moderating opportunities if it isn’t a topic you want to be in. If you only want to commit to hosting a room for an hour, then be open about that with the audience in the room. An added bonus she mentions is that you can turn off your notifications to this app, so that you are overwhelmed with them. One thing I found that helped cut out unwanted notifications was to curate who you follow.

Starting Out On Clubhouse as an Introvert

Let’s be honest, starting your own room on Clubhouse can be intimidating as an introverted entrepreneur, especially in the beginning. One thing Melissa recommends is to join Facebook groups that are dedicated to Clubhouse. For starters, her Facebook group that’s great for Clubhouse and creating connections is called Clubhouse Connection for Creative Entrepreneurs. There are many opportunities for collaboration, promotion, and co-moderating on particular topics. 

Are you scared to host your own Clubhouse room? Melissa believes that there is power in numbers, so having your peers co-host or co-moderate with you is a great way to get your feet wet and I couldn’t agree more. When you do take on collaborative opportunities – Melissa says to be sure that these connections stay true to who your audience is and what they are looking for. I find it much easier as an introvert to co-host a room because there’s always somebody there that you can fall back on and bounce ideas off of and interact with.

Another really important step you want to take is setting up your profile because if you raise your hand to speak on stage in the room, and people want to know more about you, then your profile is the best place for them to learn more and have the ability to contact you in another way off the app.

How to Use Clubhouse Strategically For Your Business

Two things that every entrepreneur wants for their business are growth and scalability, so leveraging the power of Clubhouse is a great way to do this. Generating new leads for your business is a great way to utilize Clubhouse or top-of-funnel lead generation as Melissa calls it. Most if not all of the leads coming from Clubhouse can be from people who don’t know anything about your brand, so this is an opportunity to introduce yourself, provide them with value, and eventually be funneled back to another social media platform that you’ve linked. An example Melissa has used before is for downloading her free ads checklist. She told attendees in the room to DM her ‘checklist’ on Instagram for the link to grab their free copy as a call-to-action. It allows you to grow your email list while being very strategic and intentional with your time on the app. Another thing Melissa shares is that if people love your topic or love who you are – they may follow you from room to room to get more and more knowledge from you.

Clubs on Clubhouse: Create Your Own Or Joining Others

If you plan to be an active user on Clubhouse and have grown an audience, then creating your own club is something additional you can do to benefit your business. An active user is someone who is a consistent moderator on the app. If you’re co-hosting rooms, or you’re moderating by yourself, either one of those options will work in order to get your club approved on the app. You can’t fill out the form and expect to be approved right away. When you are consistent in hosting rooms inside of your club and using a call-to-action to join your club, is one of the best ways to grow your club. 

One that Melissa promotes is her own club, The Female Marketers Club. There are rooms with topics related to digital marketing, social media, email marketing, and other related topics. On the website, you can apply to host your own room inside of the Female Marketers Club. She says you can do that work on the app, bt what she and her team can do when they get that form request on the website, is that she can actually promote you in your room on The Female Marketers Club Instagram. There are daily posts there about the rooms that are happening every single day inside of the club. There is also a VIP membership, too, with extra perks of promotion.

Benefits of Clubhouse Versus Other Social Media Platforms

There are definitely benefits to Clubhouse in comparison to other social media platforms. With other platforms, you reach more people depending on the engagement, you have to write captions to post, show up on stories, or any of the other tools they have for you to utilize. Clubhouse has a more simplified approach. The benefits include:

  1. You don’t need any sort of following to make an impact.
  2. The titles and topics you have for your rooms can help you be seen by more of your ideal clients – if they show exactly what you’ll be teaching and it’s clear.
  3. The conversion time is dramatically cut from your typical one week to convert a lead to just one hour of talking to people.
  4. It’s more authentic with using your audio than posting to your social media feed.
  5. You don’t have to show up on video or be dressed perfectly to share what you have expertise in.
  6. It isn’t recorded – people have to act fast in the current moment to get your value.

Want to Implement a Clubhouse Strategy Into Your Business?

There were so many golden tips and pieces of advice that Melissa shared about using Clubhouse for your business today on the podcast from setting up your Clubhouse profile correctly, joining Facebook groups for connections, collaborations, and opportunities, how to generate leads to your email list, and so much more.

If you want to get more solid leads to sign up for your email list and gain new clients or customers, then her Clubhouse for CEO’s mini-course is perfect for you! Don’t forget to set those boundaries for yourself about getting on the app and using it intentionally for your business. If you are looking for support once you join Clubhouse, then Melissa’s Facebook group: Clubhouse Connection for Creative Entrepreneurs will do just that.

As an introvert, have you started co-hosting and moderating rooms on Clubhouse to get comfortable using your voice on the app?

A Breakdown of This Episode

[1:22] Melissa’s story behind her business and what drew her to Clubhouse 

[3:00] Getting overwhelmed on Clubhouse and setting healthy boundaries while using the app

[5:27] The best tip for introverts getting started on Clubhouse 

[10:35] Tips to being more strategic with using Clubhouse for your business to generate new leads

[14:42] The Female Marketers Club – what it’s about, and the extra perks of becoming a VIP member

[16:16] Creating your own Clubhouse Club and being consistent with it to help you grow

[17:52] Benefits of Clubhouse and the impact it can have versus other social media platforms 

[22:15] The moment in Melissa’s business that actually made her feel successful

[23:59] Melissa’s Clubhouse for CEOs Mini-Course and what you learn inside

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