We have talked about before how to handle your mindset when it comes to networking, sales, and growing your business – but we haven’t approached how to keep your Mindset from being sucked into a Fear-Based Mindset.

When you sit and listen to different coaches online – Manifestation coaches, Spiritual Gurus, and Professional Persons who have all shown what they do to succeed – it’s hard to not find yourself comparing to that standard. So before you head down that road…

Here are 4 tips you could try to prevent getting Sucked Into a Fear-Based Mindset:

1. Too Much Info can be as Bad as Not Enough

Now, don’t get me wrong, as a Freelancer/Virtual Assistant, it is part of our job to research, learn, and grasp multiple concepts at any one time and often for multiple clients. This approach isn’t always the best thing to do for your own mindset. Sometimes, when you research multiple lead magnets, website hosts, email management software, and CRM’s (and more!!) you can find yourself overwhelmed on what would work for your business and which direction you should head-on.

It is always good to be somewhat informed on all business decisions, but remember you need to follow your gut as well. Your intuition also knows what is best for you, your business and your goals. 

There is such thing as overthinking or over researching – it can cloud your best deductive reasoning and causing you to become fearful of making the wrong move.

2. Self Care – it really is a thing!

Yes, I said it. I am saying what everyone is saying – SELF CARE. Taking time off your phones, taking time away from your screens. Visiting those who support you – distract you. Taking time away from your business is the best thing for your business as well.

Sitting in the hot tub with your spouse. Drinking a big cup of coffee before the house wakens. Going to get your hair done (spa pampering is never a bad thing), even going for massage therapy – all these things aren’t super expensive, but they also help you reset and recharge your mindset when you are stressed. 

Remember: When your cup is full, you are able to be of more service to others in times of need. This goes for your business as well.

How Not to Get Sucked Into a Fear-Based Mindset

3. I’m Walking on Sunshine….

This one also stems from Self-care, but it is something you can do at the moment when you are most stressed, worried, or feel Fear taking over. Grounding yourself is one way to get you away from the issue at hand.

Taking a walk around the building or around your yard. Stopping to get the mail and talk to the neighbor for a moment. Planning an amazing dinner that leaves your mouth watering. These “distractions” re-ground you to what is important. It also reframes your mindset to get out of the hamster wheel and look at the problem or decision with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

4. Don’t go down the Rabbit hole…

Keep an open mind about the future (don’t let your mind spiral into making stories about how something can go wrong – always try to lead with positivity and open-mindedness.

It is as simple as rephrasing something – “I can’t see how this would work…” and change it to “I can’t see how this WOULDN’T work…”… by rephrasing the issue at hand, it helps you stop going down the hole of despair. Nothing is that desperate … phone a friend, a colleague someone you trust – talk out what you are worried about and maybe, they will give you a piece of advice that not only helps you in your decision or problem but a new perspective that shifts your voice in your head.

Stopping your mindset from heading down a “Fear” based path, is not complicated. Sometimes it can seem hard, but truly – if you set yourself up with some tools that help you shift your mind out of it in the moment, it helps prevent you from being sucked into it. 

What other ways do you re-train yourself from being sucked into a Fear-Based Mindset? I would love to hear what has worked for you!


How Not to Get Sucked Into a Fear-Based Mindset