EP 26: Becoming More Visible on Instagram as an Introvert with Flora Davidson

Instagram was made by extroverts for extroverts. Do you agree with this statement as an introvert? There have been so many updates added to Instagram in the last year and Reels being one of those updates that may terrify you or stress you out as an introverted entrepreneur. Whether you are comfortable with creating and posting reels for your business or not, there are other methods that can help you become more visible on the app that allow you to be authentically yourself without using video. Ready to make Instagram simple again while gaining more visibility?

Our guest on the podcast today is Instagram Marketer for Introverts, Flora Davidson. She is a certified Digital Marketer who founded Introvert Visibility as a way to help introverted service providers market comfortably online without stress and anxiety. She has also created a 90-minute workshop, Faceless Reels to help introverts increase Instagram reach using reels without pointing and dancing.

In this episode, Flora and I dive into how her journey as an introvert led to becoming an Instagram Marketer for introverts, how accepting herself as an introvert helped her to show up better online, gaining more visibility on Instagram as an introvert, marketing tips for better engagement online, and much more.

How One Introvert Became an Instagram Marketer for Introverts

When Flora first started using social media, she was mainly on Facebook. In typical introvert fashion, she only posted a handful of times per year, one of those being a birthday post. She knew the power of social media and wanted to make an impact on the world. When she started her business, Flora had a lot of self-limiting beliefs like nobody wants to listen to me, why do I need to be posting all the time, why do I need to show up, I won’t get any clients here, and why don’t I just get a regular job. Once she finally figured out the missing piece of her business, her business started to grow. She had been in the virtual assistant space for a few months using extroverted marketing methods to find clients, got certified as a digital marketer. She then decided that she could help other introverts market their business online using Instagram as an introvert herself. She created a course for introverts on how to market their business online. Then she began offering other services to help introverts get more comfortable online, especially with their marketing. This work is her passion, and it’s how she can make an impact.

As an introvert, Flora knew she was different growing up. She was told that she was awkward, and she didn’t know why. During that time, she didn’t know she was an introvert, but it was clear to her that she was different. In social settings, she would be the one in the corner, or on social media watching some DIY videos. Because of these differences, she thought something was wrong and that she needed to be someone else to fit in. She now accepts her introversion and uses her personality to help market her business, which is one of the reasons she wants to help other introverts.

Self-Acceptance as an Introvert to Show Up Online

Many introverts on social media feel like they have to pretend to be somebody else or a more extroverted version of themselves to reach people. Flora and I both had a very similar journey online starting in that we tried to market our businesses in an extroverted way because we were told that’s what was needed to be successful online. That’s not the case. It’s similar to when I was growing up; I always thought that being an introvert was a bad thing. Whenever somebody would say that I was so quiet, I took that as a negative because of the negative undertone used. When you accept the introvert that you are and what strengths you have, you can finally show up online in a way that feels authentic. 

Self-acceptance is so important because when you are told so many times over and over in your business that you need to do reels, live videos, trainings, or webinars to see success, it is exhausting. You can cause yourself to go into burnout mode very quickly. Do you hate doing certain things online while marketing your business? Do they overwhelm you? If you aren’t getting results from these things, it could mean that your audience sees that, and they know if it isn’t authentic. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t because nobody is going to connect with you. Be yourself, and it will come across authentically.

Using Instagram to Get More Visibility in Your Business

Using Instagram as an introvert can mean several things. Before Flora started her business, it just seemed like a place where you share thousands of photos and do videos. That alone can make an introvert uncomfortable. Once she created the Instagram Strategy for Introverts, she realized that introverts could show up authentically without having to pretend to be someone else, so it’s essential for introverts to find somebody who’s going to encourage and embrace their strengths as much as they should when it comes to finding a mentor or working with a coach. 

When it comes to embracing your strengths, it means that you are doing more of what you love and are passionate about. Not every introvert is the same. They are different and shouldn’t all be labeled as shy. There are four types of introverts that Flora mentions:

Social introvert

Thinking introvert

Anxious introvert

Restrained introvert

A social introvert will socialize but would rather it be in a small group. An anxious introvert would rather not socialize at all because being around other people makes them feel awkward. When it comes to social media, an anxious introvert is more than likely not to show up on live video, so it’s best to match your personality as an introvert with what makes you comfortable and brings you joy in showing up on social media. If you’re curious about what type of introvert you are, take Flora’s free introvert type quiz because it’s going to help you figure out who you are as a person and what your strengths are.

How to Go From Struggling Introvert Entrepreneur to Finding Your Own Success

If you are an introvert in the beginning stages of your business and you’re busy trying to do everything, there are three things you need to find your own version of success. A great place to start is by discovering what your strengths are. You want to make sure you are doing something that you are passionate about, not just anything that everyone else says you should do. The next point Flora brings up is that you need to accept yourself. You are an introvert, and being an introvert is not a curse. It’s actually a rare and very valuable personality. When you accept yourself as the introvert you are, other introverts will find you, and that’s how you build a community. One of the things that Flora noticed when she started accepting herself was that she started working with introverts. Introverted clients were coming her way, and it made it easier for her to show up for them because they don’t need a lot of energy. Putting these three things into action and showing up authentically will help you market your business better as an introvert on Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Tips For Better Engagement

A huge piece of Instagram that introverts struggle with is engagement. It is a two-way street, as Flora puts it. You give engagement to get engagement. That’s one of the things that Flora has found out the hard way because it is challenging to be on social media as an introvert. When you get on social media, be mindful of the time you are spending on the app. Flora spends 15 minutes per day engaging with her audience for 5 days a week. I usually spend about 30 minutes per day on social media, but as long as you find a time that works for you, then do it that way. You’re not only helping others engage with your posts, but you’re also building the know, like, and trust factor. That’s one of the things that you need for you to actually get sales in your business. If people don’t know you, then they’re not going to trust you and then buy from you. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries around your time on social media. Introverts can get sucked in and take on too much information, so make sure that you are sticking to your boundaries and giving yourself time to recharge when you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be afraid to also curate your feed for those you want to engage with. If you find that someone’s content triggers you or you aren’t learning from it, don’t hesitate to unfollow them. Just because you like people or certain followers doesn’t mean that you have to follow them back. It’s that simple.

Flora gave so many valuable tips on becoming more visible on Instagram as an introvert on this podcast episode today. She shared her journey as an introvert and how it led to becoming an Instagram Marketer for introverts, how truly accepting her introversion helped her to show up better online, gaining more visibility on Instagram as an introvert, marketing tips for better engagement online, and how struggling introverted entrepreneurs can find their own version of success. If you want more information on working with Flora, then you can look over her services to work with her one-to-one or through her Instagram for Introverts course. Don’t forget to take her Introvert Type quiz, follow her on Instagram and join her Facebook group Quiet Influencers – Social Media for Introverts for more helpful tips on ways to be more visible on Instagram. 

If you took Flora’s quiz about figuring out which type of introvert are you, what were your results? Don’t be afraid to send her a DM on Instagram with what your results were!

A Breakdown of This Episode

[1:32] Flora’s background and how she got started in her Instagram Marketing business to help other introverts like herself

[3:47] You don’t have to fit in because accepting yourself as an introvert allows you to stand out 

[5:24] Using Instagram in a way that allows you to be more authentic and reach more people + the different types of introverts

[9:02] How Flora’s self-acceptance and leaning into who she is as an introvert helped her to succeed

[10:54] Advice to introverts who are struggling with the beginning stages of their business, figuring out their strengths, and the best marketing tips for using Instagram

[19:08] Flora’s free quiz about figuring out what kind of introvert you are and how not all introverts are the same

[25:26] Ways Flora works with her clients and how you can get in touch with her when it comes to visibility and marketing 

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