Sending out an unsolicited cold pitch email to your dream client about your services can be terrifying, especially as an introvert. There are so many mindset issues that might pop up, like:

Imposter syndrome“Am I really good enough to work with this person? Do I have anything to offer them?”

Fear of failure“What if they say no? What if they get upset or don’t even respond?”

Self-worth“I’ve sent out 20 cold pitch emails and no responses, maybe I should just give up, or there is something wrong with my services.”

Those feelings are entirely normal and valid. But, keep in mind how valuable cold pitch emails can be for finding clients. And not just any clients, but your dream clients that have been handpicked by YOU.

What is a cold pitch email?

Let’s recap on what exactly a cold pitch email is. It’s not spam, first and foremost, so don’t even think about that word when crafting your emails. A cold pitch email is an email you write to a business you want to work with, and you offer your services. It can be spammy if you don’t put the time and research into your cold pitch emails.

How to craft a cold pitch email

Don’t focus on yourself too much. You always want to focus on the business or person you are writing to more and how you can help THEM. Personalize those emails and show that you genuinely want to work with them and have done your research on their business. Mention a recent blog post that resonated with you, and tell them why you loved it. This proves to them that you aren’t just spamming every business under the sun and really want to work with them. It shows you are professional and took the time to research them and their business.

Keep it short and sweet – 3 or so paragraphs at most. This is your initial connection with this person, and in general, people have short attention spans. In order to have them read your email, you want to keep it short and easy to read. 

If you are having mindset issues with hitting that send button – draft up your emails and then schedule them to go out the next day. That way, you won’t be so ‘in your head’ about it. Hitting the schedule button is a lot less terrifying than hitting the send button for an introvert.

Overcome Your Fear and Send Out Cold Pitch Emails

Follow Up Emails

Always make sure you are sending follow up emails if you haven’t had a response. A good rule of thumb is a quick follow up email 3 days later and then another a week after you sent the initial email. People are busy, and if these are dream clients, they are likely super busy with their own business. 

I wouldn’t recommend following up more than twice, or then you might come across as spammy. Following up a couple of times allows them to read your email (if they missed it or put off responding later) and shows them again how excited you are to work with them potentially.

Final Thoughts

Remember that cold pitch emails do work if done correctly. You can find your dream clients this way! But, it’s essential also to remember that cold pitching your services is also a numbers game. Don’t take it personally if you’ve sent out 50 emails and haven’t been able to gain any new clients yet. Keep perfecting your process of finding the perfect businesses to pitch to, do your research, and follow up. You will be successful if you keep at it and follow these tips!


Overcome Your Fear and Send Out Cold Pitch Emails