EP04 - Why Pinterest is the Best Marketing Tool for Introverts

Pinterest is All About Visuals 

Do you find yourself distracted by the visually pleasing pins you see? Pinterest is a visual search engine similar to Google search – not a social media platform. Your visuals or designs are what essentially do the talking for you and your content. 

In this episode, I am going to share with you what Pinterest is and how to use it as a long-term marketing strategy for your content if you are finding that your audience is on Pinterest! It is considered a long-term strategy because it takes some time for the Pinterest algorithm to understand your account and your content.

Before we dive in, I want to mention that Pinterest is a really great marketing method when used with blogging or email marketing as your second marketing method. This allows you to have consistent content to put on Pinterest like having sales pages for your opt-in freebie offers to grow your email list. For bloggers, Pinterest helps by getting your fresh content out into the world for people to find your blog posts. The end result of this is increased traffic to your blog and/or email list is of course conversion to paying customers.

What Is Your End Goal For Click-Throughs to Your Website?

As you start to create content, I want you to brainstorm on what your end goal is for your audience once they click-through to your website. 

Is it that you want to grow your email list, sell digital products, or get more clients? This is an important step in your strategy because you don’t want to make content just to make it. You want your content to be rich with value with that end goal in mind.

Who do you want to be working with and what kinds of content are they looking for that you can provide? For instance, as a Pinterest Manager, I wanted to work with wedding photographers, so I wrote blog posts about the best Tailwind Communities for wedding photographers and how they could use Pinterest to market their business.

Because I started with the end goal in mind, I set myself up as an expert for wedding photographers to market on Pinterest. If they want to do Pinterest themselves, I have a valuable resource for that. Potentially months down the road, if they become overwhelmed with Pinterest or would rather not do it themselves – they will be reminded of me when they want to outsource to someone because of the valuable content I created with them in mind.

What’s the Deal With Fresh Pins?

Having fresh content now more than ever before is important, so that means creating fresh pins. That doesn’t mean that you need to have lots of new blog posts – it just means that you can create 5-10 new pin designs for the content you already have. 

The best tool that simplifies this for you is Canva. I used to be a Canva snob because I went to school for graphic design and was obsessed with photoshop…that is until I decided to give Canva a chance. You can create template designs that save you a ton of time as you create new designs by changing around the images, fonts and colors. If you find it difficult to create designs then I have my Entrepreneur Templates Membership or my Pinterest Templates Bundle that can help you save time with your designs.

Disclaimer: Some of the links on my website are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Tailwind is Your Best Friend When It Comes to Scheduling + Tailwind Communities

If you have looked into Pinterest at all – then you probably have heard of Tailwind. It is an amazing scheduling program that I recommend and that I require all of my Pinterest clients to have and use. One of the best things about this program is that it saves you so much time. 

Instead of creating excel spreadsheets upon spreadsheets to keep track of where to schedule your content, Tailwind saves me so much time (about 5-10 hours per client) when scheduling their content. It comes down to the time you save each month and what your time is actually worth!

Another wonderful feature is Tailwind Communities – which is awesome for connecting with others in the same niche or same audience as you. There is a give and take when you are in a community because when you add something it is expected that you share someone else’s pins or whatever the community rules mention you to do.

Two of the best practices when it comes to scheduling are:

  • Pinterest loves fresh content and it’s best that you not share a pin more than 10 times to your personal boards + group boards.
  • Interval scheduling in Tailwind is great here because it will give you a 3-5 day window on when you can schedule the same pins. Spreading them out longer is best, but the three to five day period works to keep spam from filtering your content.

Group Boards: Are They Still Effective?

There has been a lot of talk about group boards lately and if they are even effective anymore. It used to be that group boards were very popular with getting more eyes on your content, but they aren’t as important anymore. Don’t get me wrong they can still be great for your strategy if a group board is getting your results.

I usually give the boards I follow 3 to 5 months before I review them to see if they are helping my content. If a board isn’t achieving this for me – I will either find a new group board to join or I will leave it altogether. 

There are great boards that are active that can get you the results you want with your content getting seen by larger and new audiences.

2 Very Important Visuals of Pinterest: Design + Optimization

These two areas are very important for Pinterest and it’s important for your success. One without the other isn’t as good as having them both together as your powerhouse!

I will have my Pinterest SEO Guide to gain clarity around this section because using the right keywords makes all the difference. You can use the Pinterest Trends tool to brainstorm keywords, the manual way with the search bar at the top of Pinterest, or through the Ads campaign area in your business account under the keywords area to get additional ideas for your keywords. You aren’t creating a campaign, but using this area is a great option.

I hope you enjoyed this episode about Pinterest. I know there was a lot we covered, but the key to a great strategy is keyword research, optimization, your pinning and scheduling strategy, and pin design. If you have these things covered – then you will have much success with Pinterest!

What part of your Pinterest strategy has given you the most headache? Don’t forget about the free resources I mentioned below to help you create a more successful strategy! 

A Breakdown of This Episode

[2:05] If Pinterest is one of your marketing methods, keep in mind that Pinterest is a visual search engine

[3:25] With Pinterest as one of your marketing methods, it works seamlessly with either blogging or email marketing 

[4:25] What is your end goal when someone clicks through to your website from your pin?

[6:59] Having fresh content is way more important now than ever before

[9:58] Tailwind is an awesome scheduling program that I recommend – and the same goes for my clients

[11:44] Scheduling and best practices when it comes to Pinterest

[13:20] Group Boards – Are they effective as they once were?

[14:54] The two most important visuals of Pinterest are design and optimization

[15:49] The 3 key ways to do keyword research

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