Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Socialize and Network as an Introvert

As an introverted person, we all know our triggers and how we handle them when it comes to protecting ourselves in social situations. But have we ever discussed why it is difficult to socialize and network – especially as an introverted entrepreneur.

I know we have discussed why being introverted is great – but we do need to discuss the why’s as well. It is the only way that we can self-discover our own needs and make sure that we do everything to understand it so that we can then continue to grow not only our businesses but also ourselves.

We will keep it simple, so let’s get started on discussing 3 Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Socialize and Network as an Introvert:


Just that – it can be overwhelming to be in these social moments – as a person and business owner. The key is to figure out what actually triggers your own case of overwhelm and create ways that you can handle them.

If it situations where you are meeting all new people to network, public speaking on a subject that you are an authority on, or just social scenes where you are networking in a way to have that personal time away from the business as well (with friends on wine nights, etc).


Some ways to be able to cope, if not stop, overwhelm at the moment:

  1. Prevention by Planning Me-Time – planning breathing moments throughout the day of the event as to allow you to recharge your batteries beforehand. This could be taking a regenerative shower, going for a walk, putting your earbuds in for a bit of quiet reflection. This will allow you to protect your energy as to be able to handle the event with maximum “charge”
  2. Simplify your Day – on the day of events, don’t over-schedule yourself. This does link a little with planning me-time, but it also means don’t schedule an online interview the same day. Protect your energy for the right activity. Also, make sure you are eating healthy that day, meditation would help too.
  3. Set boundaries with the event – ensure that you don’t say yes to speaking at the event, then being pulled through a receiving line all while running the conversation of your business that you are there to network for. Pick one as a focus – this will allow you to conserve your energies to shine.


The key to understanding your overwhelm is to know what triggers you and your “tools” to work through that – otherwise, the whole experience will be for naught and you might not participate again. This isn’t something that would be a great long term situation – especially as an entrepreneur.


Reasons Why it’s Difficult to Socialize and Network as an Introvert


Understanding how your Introverted Brain works!

While Extroverts have an energy-spending nervous system, Introverts are energy-conserving. This is why we are energized after reading a great book and having/working on great long-term ideas with short term goals in between. 

Even the dopamine is slightly different, we actually function on less dopamine than our extroverted friends. We feel the “high” of just being out and having fun, while extroverts take so much more from getting those business cards and those connections as an instant “high” in the social game.

Introverts take in everything in environments – not just the people in the room. Have you ever wondered about the differences more? Check out this article that uses illustrations to better show what it’s like in our introverted brains compared to extroverts.

Knowing when you have hit your limit on the Socializing

The key to being in these events and situations is knowing when you have hit your limit of tolerance to the room. We all have that moment where we have taken all we can get from these moments and make our exit.

If you don’t figure out your queue, then you might actually have something called “Introverted Hangover” to deal with afterward.

These “hangovers” can last for days if you aren’t careful. Leading to moments of having difficulty thinking through the needs of your business, having a light conversation with those you care about (friends, family), or even finding where what makes you comfortable – particularly with those you care about.

This also ties back into your Overwhelm as well – knowing what you need to do to reset, prep, and prepare to protect you, your energy, and your business accordingly.

When it comes to the difficult side of being introverted, it all comes down to knowing your triggers, what you need to do to reset them, and what you can do to prevent in the future. I would love to know what your limits are? How you still get out there for your business and how you prepare for that event?



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