EP 11: Self-Love as an Entrepreneur with Susie Trigg Tucker

Does the word self-love seem like a trendy mindset term to you? Some people may think that, but when you actually dive into your triggers, your negative self-talk, and the current habits you have – you understand that you can change your thought process and be more intentional about the way you talk to yourself.

In this episode with Susie Trigg Tucker, we are going to dive into what her background was that started her down the path as a Mindset Coach, being called to go big as an entrepreneur, self-acceptance and self-trust, writing better content for your ideal target audience, and being confident in who you are now to get you where you want to be. We cover so many amazing things including her coaching services, so you don’t want to miss this!

A Mindset Coach in the Making

The personal experience Susie has had with mindset is truly incredible. As a kid, she was always a deep thinker and her family knew she would make a great therapist. Especially her empathy and compassion for others! When she got to college, she knew she didn’t want to be there long, even though she wanted to study psychology, so she decided to become a teacher. She saw friends, who became teachers, have their summers off and from there felt a kind of heart tug to take that career path. Her education career lasted for 12 years.

After leaving the teaching profession, Susie went into the wine industry teaching wineries how to be more hospitable, and connecting and selling wine to customers. She loved the connection aspect of the training but knew that she was supposed to do something bigger and that connected more to her purpose. Even though she still had her contracting job, she took the opportunity to connect on Instagram with others about body image and the mindset surrounding that. She eventually hired a life coach, and after the 2020 events unfolded with Covid and losing her contracting job with the wine industry, she became a full-on Mindset Coach.

Susie was then led to creating an online workshop called, Love Yourself First, and from there she has been coaching ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make radical shifts in the world using their unique gifts. She believes the possibilities of online entrepreneurship are limitless, and often what keeps business owners stuck from their next level, is simply the “mind drama” between their ears! She also helps her audience and clients create unbreakable confidence in themselves through mindset work so they can show up boldly in their business and life and get what they came for – freedom!

How You Are Called to be Greater as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are looking to give yourself something that your corporate career couldn’t. It can be freedom, the ability to be your own boss, to go deeper into your purpose of doing something that impacts the world around you or even being with your family more.

One of the things that Susie has discovered is that as entrepreneurs, we are called to be greater. The struggle though comes from your mindset of negative self-talk, the comparison game, fear of failure, and the list goes on. These mindset blocks can keep us from reaching our greatness of being our authentic selves and showing up in the ways that work best for us. For instance, Susie mentions that we may be successful on paper while going after all of the things like the perfect house, the kids, the husband/wife, the degree, etc. in striving for the next thing, but what really matters and makes our lives more purposeful is connecting with others and being our authentic selves now before those things come into our lives. Otherwise, we will just keep searching and striving to have something else.

The thing that Susie emphasizes is working on being your own best client, accepting yourself, loving yourself, and being in integrity with yourself before you go on reaching your goals. This is done by listening and changing your internal chatter with positive things about yourself. Instead of thinking about everything you did wrong on a live video, celebrate or recognize yourself for how brave and courageous you were!

The Most Common Misconception About Mindset Work

Before you dive into mindset work, it can seem like it’s just a trendy thing that’s going around that others are doing, maybe it’s because like Susie says, when growing up we’re told that it’s not something we can openly talk about. But should we keep those inner conversations about ourselves private? Is this something that should be an option for us to improve our inner dialogue?

Once you do the work to improve your mindset, you actually see the benefits of doing the work and how when implementing simple concepts into your daily life can help you with your future. Another area that I truly think is helpful is being open-minded. Just because someone else says something didn’t work for them, etc. – doesn’t mean that it won’t also work for you. When you are open-minded, you have more willingness to try and be coachable.

I have done mindset work for myself with negative self-talk and comparing myself to others. I’m so proud of the work that I’ve done to get where I am now! And I love Susie’s powerful statement about doing the work and how it breaks generational patterns and is one of the footprints that we can leave on this world!

Are You Struggling When It Comes Being Authentic on Social Media?

Many entrepreneurs – especially introvert entrepreneurs – struggle with showing up on social media and being their authentic selves. We introverts tend to people-please and have a hard time being vulnerable at times with our lives on social media. Susie herself had a hard time with being perfect all the time and as she called it, putting her mess into a pretty bowl, so to speak on social media. 

She says that it can be an unpolished process to start out because you still want to share something in a way that everyone will like, but it’s not actually what you feel or want to really say. You have to be willing to be in the discomfort, in the beginning, to get clear on who you are serving and knowing that they are the reason you are showing up. The breakthrough is found once you think about the things related to your purpose.

What are the reasons that you’re doing what you’re doing?

Who are you helping?

How are you changing their lives? 

How are you serving them?

Once you fight whatever it is standing in your way, then you are able to come at it from a lens of serving your ideal client and letting go of the ‘mind drama’ as Susie calls it. You are here to serve them, speak on their circumstances, their pain points, what they are thinking, how they feel, and what they experience after the service or product you provide them with. 

Take Instagram for example, Susie says that people want human connection, humanization, and seeing or hearing the person that they are buying from. 

So when you think about what you do when you think about your service, and how it changes the person’s life, that is the driver for me that if I am willing to be uncomfortable and have people say things about me that I don’t like, if my ideal client hears me, and it changes her life? – Susie Trigg Tucker

Human-ness is what people want to see and so finding a way to bring that aspect to your business is going to help you serve others and Susie couldn’t have said it any better.

Quit Making Your Business Only About You

Another area of social media that you need to be cautious of is making your content all about you. That will deter clients from wanting to work with you because you aren’t speaking to them and their needs. This also goes back to what Susie has mentioned before from above – what you are doing is bigger than you!

She dives deeper by saying when we make it about us, the people-pleasing, fear of failure, and things like that, that’s making it about us. It’s really about putting our faith in the failure and putting our faith in other people’s opinions or gossip. Then, when you look at what you’re doing is bigger than you see that you’re serving in that way. And you look at how you’re stepping in to occupy your full space that you have been given because you are a human, and you are so loved that you were created with so much love that you’re worthy just because you are. And this is the work, right?

The content you create should be focused on your target audience. If you aren’t putting your authentic selves into the posts you create, whether it be the objections you may have or any thought that you choose to write about, don’t water it down to fit other people’s expectations. You may feel sick when you post it or schedule it to post, but as Susie says, just observe it and observe any thoughts you have around what others may think and know that you are safe to stand fully in your truth.

Mindset Coaching and Mentorship

Have you ever worked with a mindset coach? If you haven’t yet, then it is a great way to help you grow personally and professionally. Susie offers a high level 1:1 mentorship, which is 6 months to help you transform your mindset. She allows her clients to have a high level of access to her as well through voxer, and weekly zoom calls to help you with your mind clutter as an entrepreneur. She says that it’s not that entrepreneurs don’t know what to do, but it’s what they have going on in their mind like fear of failure, doubt, and imposter syndrome that holds them back. 

In the beginning, Susie guides you more in how to observe and gives you suggestions on how to manage your mindset, but once you start getting the hang of things she allows you to take charge of your power. Although she used to offer a 3-month mentorship program, she noticed that her clients tended to take the back seat again or wanted her as a coach for 3 more months, so she knew that serving her clients better would be with a 6-month mentorship program. 

I hope you wrote down all of Susie’s incredible tips and insights in terms of your mindset. If you know that you want to work on creating an environment for yourself that is safe, trusting, and accepting and you want to play big in your business, then Susie has an amazing offer for you – a free 1 hour breakthrough call. She will coach you on this call to give you some insight on what you can start doing and if you’re interested in working with her, she will share what working together will look like for the both of you.

By the way, Susie also has a new signature group coaching program called, The Self-Love and Business Academy which is still open for enrollment for a limited time, so act fast if you are interested and are feeling called to take the next step.

What mindset blocks are getting in the way of you playing big in your business?

A Breakdown of This Episode

[3:32] Susie’s journey to becoming a mindset coach

[11:54] The reason she loves working with entrepreneurs so much

[16:45] The common misconceptions about mindset being trendy and what actually doing the work gets you

[19:54] How Susie struggled in the beginning of her business with vulnerability on social media 

[27:20] How what you do in your business is bigger than you and should be about serving your clients 

[34:32] What it’s like to work with Susie, especially as someone who has never worked with a mindset coach before

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