EP06 - Simplified SEO with Erin Alexander

Our guest today is Erin Alexander, from Product Powerhouse. She is a web designer, podcaster, and product-based business coach. She helps online shop owners use Shopify to grow and scale their business through conversion-based design and organic marketing strategies specific to product shops. She drinks way too much coffee and loves buying handmade earrings. 

In this episode, we are going to talk about how Erin got started, her best SEO tips, the point in her life she actually felt successful in her business, and her SEO course for shop owners. If you’ve been struggling with how to give your business visibility, then this episode will be great for you!

Coexisting: Your Website and Your Etsy or Amazon Handmade

It seems that most creatives start their own product-based business on either Etsy or Amazon Handmade, but when it comes to getting their own website – the struggle is real. The design setup and tech aspect of website creation can really be overwhelming and scary. You think, “Can I manage and maintain my website?”,  but one thing Erin mentions is that having both your website and handmade platform is great because you want them to work with each other. 

One of Erin’s core values is to not only build websites but to teach people and empower them to be able to use their own websites. She wants to help take the fear away from all the things that come along with having a website because she mentions that if you are able to put your listings up on Etsy or Amazon Handmade, then you can definitely put your listing up on your website.

SEO Optimization Tips for Business Owners

Whether you are a product-based seller or you sell services, having your website optimized and having people find you are the best and most effective use of your website. The long-term benefits of building your audience with SEO are huge!

Erin equates SEO to good user experience – so having everything on your website as simple as possible and easy to find when building a website. And she mentions that SEO simply put, is a clear way of describing your stuff. The tips that Erin gives are below:

  1. Your keywords need to be descriptive! The more descriptive you are, the easier it is for people to find you. 
  2. If you are in a more broad industry like coaching, it is great when you use blog posts because it gives people another option to find you.
  3. Simplify your thought process. Having more descriptive words allows for people to find what they are actually looking for. 
  4. Don’t use too many fluff words especially in blog post titles, so use more keywords.

When Things Get Tough – Erin Never Quits

When it comes to Erin’s success, she mentions that there were several things that were contributing factors for her. When things get tough for Erin she never quits. When her business started to explode, she started collaborating with others. 

As a coach inside a community of her ideal clients, it elevated the way people thought of her and made her feel more confident. She is able to get herself in front of more audiences when she has collaborations. At the beginning of her business, she mentions doing coffee chats to connect with other business owners. It’s not to be confused with discovery calls, per se but it is more about connecting. This is more likely to turn into a referral for you down the road. Whether it be for themselves to hire you or referring someone else to you that they know.

I know that when times get tough, it can be easy to give up, but I love Erin’s advice here. And as an introvert, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. So I push podcasts for other introverts because it allows them to connect and collaborate without the pressure. 

What’s Simplified SEO Course All About? 

The SEO course that Erin created is called Simplified SEO for Shop Owners. It walks you through every part of your website (each page) where you are putting your keywords, why those descriptive words go there, how they show up on Google, and what you do after that’s done. 

It’s a 30 page workbook with videos included that is action-packed as Erin shares what all is included. She wanted it to be accessible for all, so you can grab it for yourself for $49. There is no tech needed to incorporate SEO into your website and you don’t need to use code to start utilizing SEO. She is teaching you how to take your listing outside of a particular box and how to put it into the entire internet.

Long-Term Results Organically Using an SEO Strategy

The benefits of using SEO are so amazing! It can take awhile because of the algorithm, but it can last for years versus sharing on Instagram that takes so much more time. Erin says it’s more so that SEO gives your business a visibility boost. Once people realize that SEO is what helps them become more visible, then the more they can take advantage of it for years to come.

Erin and I dove deep on several topics today and I hope you were able to take away some key SEO advice for your business. If you are currently struggling with SEO, then Erin’s SEO course would be an amazing resource for you to learn more. And remember as Erin says – struggling is not the opposite of success!

Which of Erin’s SEO tips are you going to start implementing for your product or service business?

A Breakdown of This Episode

[2:20] Erin’s story and how she got started in her business

[5:59] One of Erin’s core values from the beginning was to not only build websites, but also, teach people and empower them to use their website…

[7:14] What Erin equates SEO to and what she says SEO actually is

[11:38] Erin’s success in her business and what she contributes her success to

[16:45] There was a point where Erin actually felt successful

[22:36] Erin tells us about her Simplified SEO course

[30:46] SEO, in the words of Erin, are like giving your business a visibility boost

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