Have you been hearing – you need to force yourself to be outgoing! You need to learn to be more open! Why aren’t you out every day, all the time, trying to drum up any new business?

These are questions, I as an introverted person, often hears – and there is 1 thing to consider – it isn’t part of the Introverted nature to be outgoing – hence the word “Introverted”. Now, being introverted isn’t a bad thing at all! In fact, some could argue that being introverted is better than being extroverted – for one, you have a reflective ability that an extroverted person may miss out on. You can read the room better than anyone else and you can also become your own version of extroverted, without exhausting yourself.

The point being – “Stop Believing that Being an Introvert is a Bad Thing!

Being an introvert can be considered one of the most frequently misunderstood personalities. For one thing, being an introvert doesn’t mean that you are automatically shy. This isn’t the case, it just means that you need to allow yourself the grace and time to recharge your batteries more often than an extroverted person. There are sometimes that being out in public or interacting can be extremely taxing and hard on you. Take the time to reset – not only will it help you when you go out again to network, but it also ensures you are being the best and most truthful version of yourself all the time.

It does come down to that the biggest difference between introverts and extroverts would be the biological and how you unwind in social situations. So take the advise above, make sure you take the time to reset and recharge so that you succeed the next time you are in a group social setting.

Did you know there are more benefits to being an Introvert?

The fact that as an introvert, you are a great listener! You can be the best accountability partner just like you are a great friend! You actively listen to those you speak to, process the information without turning it around to make it about you, and you then take that information to come up with the best form of advice, direction or perspective.

This means also, that you speak with a higher impact – as you are careful with your words. This means that it has more depth of perspective, in some cases, compared to your extroverted counterparts.

You make quality connections – friends, colleagues, and as mentors.

You don’t beat about the bush, you only work with and open up with those you consider quality. To each person, that means something different, but it means that you choose those you surround yourself with regularly carefully.

This care, loyalty, and commitment to create a circle that not only recharges you but also allows you to grow your authority in a safe arena to better expand your message.

Plus, this ability means that when you decide to take on the role of mentor or accountability partner, you take the most care with those you deal with. This also creates its own air of authority – for when you take their information and questions, you also show care and consideration in your recommendations. This ability to be a compassionate leader, mentor to another – it helps them shine more for you don’t have the “about me” focus as your primary goal.

Now this is just the start of the reasons why being an introvert isn’t a bad thing – what other ways do Introverts shine best? What did we miss?

I would love to hear how else being an introvert has changed or grown your life, your business, and your circle! How it helped you when you are in school too? As we are all lifetime learners, how does being an introvert help you in the education arena too?

Stop Believing That Being an Introvert is a Bad Thing