The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs Who are Introverts

Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts – this is one of the best things that has come off the internet (so far – Clubhouse review still pending!). But as it comes to podcasts, finding entrepreneurial ones that give you great tips, laughs, and success stories are sometimes a challenge. 

I say that because, as introverted entrepreneurs, we look and tackle business differently from our extroverted counterparts. So finding relevant content is key to not only honoring our abilities as introverts but as amazing introverted-entrepreneurs as well.

As I was developing my podcast and my podcast brand, I was researching some pretty amazing ones. Doing this, I am making sure that not only was I talking about some original themes, but it also helped encourage me to launch – for if these amazing folks can do it, so can I!

So let’s jump in and discuss which ones need to be added to your business listening:

1. The League of Extraordinary Introverts With Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

She discusses different aspects of business, mindset, and more. “Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean you’re not a force to be reckoned with.”

2. The Traveling Introvert With Janice Chaka

These are bite-sized podcast episodes about traveling while running a business and being an introvert. If that is your dream, then this one would be for you! 

3. Strategy in Small Doses Podcast With Michelle DeNio

She is a business strategist with an immediate action style of business strategy. She is utilizing Connections and engagement in her discussions as well. Her podcast is aiming to stay shorter than 8mins. She has great insights into being the best entrepreneur.

4. The Ambitious Introvert Podcast With Emma-Louise Parkes

Emma-Louise is a mindset and business expert who is passionate about helping ambitious introverts, empaths & HSPs build successful, sustainable businesses they love.

5. The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast With Julie Greenham

Business and mindfulness coach Julie Greenham is here to help you embrace your introversion and develop the mindset, confidence and strategies you need to show up authentically, attract more ideal clients and grow your business.

There are so many excellent podcasts out there – for pleasure and business, but these are some sound bite ones that will help motivate and align your business with your strengths through stories, support, and strategy.

6. Oh, did I mention I, too, have a podcast? The Introvertpreneur Podcast

As an introvert, I realized that there were far better marketing tools and methods that suit my business better. I knew that this could help others who were just like me.

Some introverts happen to be service providers in this space using cookie-cutter tactics to market their businesses. They become overwhelmed, drained, and start doubting their ability to become successful.

You can be successful utilizing your introvert superpowers and feel confident about what you’re doing! This podcast is for introverts wanting to learn how to grow and market their service businesses without the overwhelm and finally overcome mindset obstacles that might pop up as introverted entrepreneurs along the way. Be sure to subscribe today!

With all this great info, what other introvert-targeted podcasts should I check out? What other business resource podcasts make a difference to you, your business, and your mindset? I would love to hear in the comments below!

Also, as market research is always a good thing – with the Introvertpreneur Podcast, what is a topic as an introvert that you would love to be discussed? Be sure to comment below or find me on social media!