When you’re starting your Virtual Assistant career, there are a few things to know before you apply for jobs. I know you want to send out the perfect application and make sure you sound professional but you also need to be patient and follow some basic guidelines that will help you land a new client. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when applying for VA jobs!

Do follow what job opportunity post says to do

One of the biggest mistakes that many VA’s often do is not including all the information that potential clients require or sending a job application with missing information. This way, your email or application will most likely not be considered because you didn’t follow the guidelines and you are wasting your and their time. I can’t stress enough how important it is to read through the job opportunity properly, even if it’s 10 times to ensure, you included all the information needed and that you understand what they want you to do!

Do the research on the owner/CEO/founder & the business

This step can give you some extra credit and it leaves a good impression that you have knowledge about their business and people behind it. Look for things that you both have in common like values, hobbies, or even something fun if that’s what the business owner wants to see. Always personalize your application and depending on what kind of job or person you would work with, show them you did your homework and know who they are and what they do! By doing the research, you are already getting ready for the interview and the prior knowledge can be very beneficial.

Do make the reply via email, Facebook comment or direct message

Every job posting might have a different preference for contacting whether that’s through the email, DM or just FB comment. I would say the most effective one is the email which is less likely to get lost and not be seen, so if you have a choice, go ahead with email.

When you’re applying for the position, always include what you like about the brand, why it is inspiring for you and how you can contribute or help them. Add some specific and interesting tips that can grab their attention and show them you know their brand and value you can bring no matter if it’s an email, FB comment or DM.

If it’s applicable, create a Canva graphic designed for them or write content created specifically for their page. It can be anything relevant that will show you know their style and their brand voice.

At the end of the email/message, I would recommend to include a magic formula, for example, I’m looking forward to hearing more about you and your business. That shows you are genuinely interested in them and want to know more about them. Going the extra mile really counts and it will make you stand out!

Do follow-up with them

A simple follow up email can really get you a job! Believe it or not, entrepreneurs and business owners are busy and they might forget to get back to you when they said they would. If you show the initiative from your side and send a friendly reminder, it can only help. However, don’t send them emails every single day and spam them with the same follow up. Instead, send one 48 hours after they were due to email you and if they haven’t replied to your email at all, follow up in a week to find out whether they still look for someone. Sometimes if you follow up with the same person even a month later, they might have hired someone else for a trial month but if they’re not completely satisfied, they might consider you again or keep you in mind for future collaborations!

Don’t just link your website in a posting

If you want to comment under the job opportunity post, don’t just post the link on its own. Write a short caption that will catch the attention and provide the relevant information needed. It’s always a good idea to tag the person who posted about the job and say hi directly to them. If they ask for your website or portfolio link, add it then!

Don’t DM unless asked to do so

Some people who post the job opportunity get hundreds of emails and even DMs even though they didn’t even ask for direct messages. Don’t be the spammer and follow the job post’s contact preferences. If they don’t mention specifically that they want to be contacted by DMs, don’t send one because they will probably not even see it.

Don’t try to contact in any other way than the way mentioned

This goes back to the previous don’t. Contact the person via their preferred way. You can research them and check their social media accounts although don’t message them on every single platform if they already have your email with all your information. If you do, you might appear annoying and spammy.


So these were a few do’s and don’ts when applying for VA jobs. One of the main goals for you is to follow all the required information that is mentioned in the post. Read through it several times to ensure you included everything needed and that everything is relevant to the job post. Do the research to get to know more about the brand, business, and people behind it. This will give you a better idea of who you would work with and also the opportunity to mention what you love about the brand or what you have in common. Don’t forget to mention how they can benefit from having you in their team and how you can help them. Follow their preferred way of contact and follow up if you don’t hear from them.

However, avoid being spammy, sending a lot of messages on different platforms, and don’t DM if they haven’t asked for it! Your message will most probably get lost, anyway. If you follow these basic guidelines, you will definitely get to interviews’ round! Good luck!