EP 17: Finding & Connecting With Clients Through Video Marketing with Michael Moore

One word that scares so many introverts in business is video. Do you immediately feel overwhelmed with how you will sound, what you will look like, and saying the wrong thing? You are not alone! Video marketing is scary, especially for us as introverts, but when it comes to getting your message heard there are some tips to help you show up confidently to find and connect with your clients.

Our guest on the podcast today is Video Expert, Michael Moore. He is a video strategist helping online entrepreneurs to attract the right clients, build connections and sell their online programs. Michael is on a mission to help more people confidently share their message online so they can have more impact and more income.

In this episode, Michael and I dive into his story, how his love of video started, not judging your first video, putting your fear aside to get your message heard, setting up your video equipment right the first time so that you can create more content, and what kind of video he likes best.

The Making of a Video Expert For Driven Entrepreneurs

Growing up Michael always wanted to be an actor along with his twin brother. They used their parent’s Hi 8 camera non-stop to reenact their favorite scenes from Harry Potter. This allowed Michael to get really comfortable behind the camera, learn how to use the camera itself, and film and edit them. Later, he worked with artists in LA, did big commercial campaigns for Apple Music and Chevrolet, and things really took off when he started solely focusing on helping entrepreneurs. They were driven to impact others in a real way and that’s where Michael flourishes the most by helping them make a difference. It makes sense that his natural likeness towards the camera allowed him to grow into the expert he is today on all things video.

Harnessing The Power of Human Connection

When you think about connecting with others on a human level, you may say that what draws you to someone is being able to talk with them face to face. Another way that allows you to connect in a powerful way is by using video and using your voice. This allows your audience online to feel connected with you similar to a face-to-face interaction and helps build the know, like, and trust factor much faster than just posting your content on social media. 

As Michael describes it, this form of connection has a hidden layer that allows you to pick up on your gut feeling because of your ability to see and hear the person you are watching and that’s what makes video have that powerful edge. And one of the defining moments of his life that helped him work through his struggles of getting behind the camera was when he and his twin brother were auditioning for Coca-Cola. To their surprise, there were thousands of people waiting to audition as well. Because of their decision to not place so much pressure on themselves about caring so much and just being themselves, they got the part. If you are super confident in your message or the material you want to cover, Michael says to use that to harness your confidence on camera and just simply be yourself. That will keep the momentum going for you and allow for true connections to be made.

Practice Makes Perfect For Your Video Content

Are you still terrified to press the record button? You might stumble over your words or mess up, but when you practice speaking to the camera and putting your message out there you will become better over time. A great analogy Michael uses about getting behind the camera is this, “if you rode a bike for the first time, and you fell, and you’re judging your experience of riding a bike because you fell, you would never pick up the bike again”, and the same could be said for your first experience recording a video. If you tear apart everything you did on your first video, then you wouldn’t want to ever do it again. 

Someone once told Michael that you will love the way you look and sound on camera. You may not love it at first, but with practice and growth, the more you will want to create video content and love the way you look and sound. He didn’t realize how great this advice was until sometime later, but he absolutely believes that message now. I agree with this advice because when I first started with my podcast, I thought there was no way anyone would listen to me and I couldn’t stand my own voice, but now the more I do it, the more comfortable I am with recording the episodes. The important thing is that you keep doing it even if you don’t get the engagement or reaction that you like at first. You don’t have to be polished for people to connect with you because now more than ever people are wanting to connect with down-to-earth, real people.

How Perfectionism Is Hurting You More Than Helping You

Do you consider yourself a recovering perfectionist like myself and Michael? It can hold you back from even creating your video content in the first place because we want our work to showcase our expertise and be perfect as everyone else’s. You may have seen someone you look up to on social media share a piece of content they did and you want your content to be just as good, if not better. The thing is though, that your content doesn’t or shouldn’t be like everyone else’s because you want it to be about you and your business, your values, your mission, and your impact. Michael always mentions that you are never going to lose a client because of your use of ums, uhs, likes, or anything else that you say a lot. They are connecting with the full message and not being hyper-focused on you stumbling over those words. When you’re beating yourself up over that, you’re not gonna want to do it again. Find opportunities to say, you know what, this is how I can do this better. That’s gonna allow you to want to actually do it better the next time.

The 3 Confidence Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Video

The three mistakes Michael sees in terms of content and confidence that entrepreneurs are making include:

  • Thinking that others know how you’re feeling on the inside
  • Thinking that we know what someone else is thinking about us
  • Thinking that we need to match how we feel on the inside (our nerves, inner peace, etc.) to the level of another person’s outer presence


We automatically think that we know something about how someone else is feeling or thinking in regards to us or that others know exactly what you’re feeling on the inside and that’s not true. He also shares that if you believe any of these mistakes or lies, then it is going to prevent you from actually showing up on camera. For us introverts, especially, we tend to see other people on social media who show up on video in a polished, bubbly, and energized way that we internalize it and it holds us back because we can’t match their energy. That may not be your personality, but that’s where you shine because no one else is like you. Michael says that the point is that you carry on with your message because of your passion for it and flood yourself with confidence before you speak so that it shows while you are speaking.

Setting Up the Technical Aspects of Your Video

Sometimes the point of your content and message can get lost or drowned out by figuring out the technical pieces of getting your video all set up. You want the best lighting, the best audio, the best background, or the best angle all before you press record. This can take up the majority of your time and can actually drain you, so Michael teaches his clients the BU method. The B stands for the background, which is the most important and the U stands for you the person and everything that has to do with you like the camera, lights, and the audio. Don’t get caught up in the way the audio and lights look because that’s what can take you the most time. Set those up once in a very simple way so that all you have to do is press record.

Which Do You Prefer? Pre-Recorded Video or Live Video

Michael’s personal preference is doing pre-recorded video because you can edit anything out and I have to agree because it doesn’t exhaust me as much as live video does. But when you go live to do video, it helps you to broaden your communication capabilities and to keep expanding on that. An exercise that he also finds helpful for doing live video is to take 60 seconds and talk about something random like a shirt near you. This could be about the way it feels when you wear it, what you like about it, what the pattern is or anything that you can think of. It can be very uncomfortable at first, but when you keep doing this, it allows you to flow better.

Michael gave so many amazing video marketing tips on this episode of the podcast today about not judging your first video, putting your fear aside to get your message out no matter what is trying to stop you, setting up your video equipment right the first time so that you can create more content, and what kind of video he likes best. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more video tips and watch his free webclass to help you use video more confidently.

As an introvertpreneur, which type of video (pre-recorded or live) do you plan to incorporate more of into your content?

A Breakdown of This Episode

[1:17] Michael’s story and how his love of video really started 

[3:50] How not caring too much allows Michael to perform better on video 

[8:54] Practice makes perfect and how not to judge your first time behind the camera

[13:49] The three mistakes Michael sees entrepreneurs making with their content

[17:50] Two pieces of advice when it comes to actually creating video content

[23:21] Michael’s Masterclass: How to Enroll New Clients With Video in Just Two Hours a Month

[25:52] The big question: live video or pre-recorded video

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