Why Following Up with Potential Clients More Than Once is Key

Have you sent out your pitch or portfolio before and never got a response? Guess what?! It’s normal. When you see the job opportunity and you apply, many times you are one of the tens or maybe even hundreds of applicants, and therefore, the person responsible for hiring doesn’t always have the capacity to get back to everyone. 

However, if you are applying to work with an entrepreneur or a small business owner, they can sometimes forget to answer and will really appreciate your follow-up. Whatever the reason behind not getting back to you is, here are 5 tips why you SHOULD follow up with your potential client. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose, you can only get their attention and remind them about yourself and the email you sent them.

You’ve been trying to communicate but no answer

You’ve been talking to your leads, maybe even sent over your portfolio link, but still haven’t heard from them. Or maybe they got back to you but then never responded to your second email, where you included more details on how your collaboration would look like. Keep in mind that they may not respond because they’re super busy, but that’s why they need your help.

What might help sometimes is if you see that the person is terrible in email communication, try to set up an online call. Send them a link with your available time slots, so they can directly book a call instead of going back and forth in the emails.

Send a friendly reminder

Following up can be so easy, yet many people feel uncomfortable with it! But why? You are following up to give your potential client a reminder in case they forgot to respond to your email. Not everyone has to be organized with their emails in the way you are, and people are dealing with so many things from business to personal things. Their emails are probably piling up and it might be hard for them to keep up if they don’t have a good structure to it. Therefore, next time when you are sending them a reminder, consider everything that might be happening on their end.

Worry less about being pushy 

Remember that by sending a follow-up email, you are not being pushy! Focus more on showing up at the top of their inbox and signing them on as a client instead of worrying about what they will say about your email number 2. 

I mean, on one hand, we don’t want to be bombarding them with tens of emails being annoying, but we want them to notice our initiative without sounding desperate. Take it easy and focus on the message and value you want to deliver. If it makes you feel better, you can also automate your follow-up email, so it sends out automatically after a certain time.

The ideal number of follow-ups

I would say a good rule of thumb is 3 to 5 times to follow-up, earliest a week or two after your first email. More than this is too much. However, everyone might have a different opinion on this and someone might say to follow up after a month but if you’re applying for a job, it most likely won’t be available within a month anymore unless the job opportunity states the exact date until they are collecting applications. In that case, follow the instructions. 

Although overall, follow-ups and persistence can really get you the job if you keep on trying. Sometimes they might even say, we have another project starting in 6 months, and we would love to hear from you then! In that case, follow-up in 6 months!

Both Yes and No are the answers

If you send out 4-5 emails and you are not getting any responses, let it go. The person is clearly not interested in working with you or your emails are keep on ending up in spam and they are not seeing it. Either way, take into account that every single one of us can decide whether it’s a YES or NO answer. So if you are not getting anything back from your potential client, the answer is no, they are most likely not interested. So why would you keep on wasting your energy on something that has no sense? Think about it next time when you’re about to send that 6th follow-up email.

Following up is essential, and it can get you a job! Although keep in mind that people can get caught up in other things called LIFE and that’s why they need you to follow up with them. Don’t give up but don’t be too spammy.