What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Pinterest? Fashion inspiration, DIY tutorials, or food recipes that make your mouth water just by looking at the picture (okay, I’m hungry now!)? I know, that’s the general idea of what’s Pinterest all about, but there is so much more to it, trust me. This amazing platform can help you increase your website traffic, it’s a great place for marketing yourself, and with over 150 million monthly users, it’s definitely a place where you should hang out more in 2020. Take advantage of all the perks that this platform has to offer and make yourself familiar with it.

Although, if you’re an introvert like me, mentioning any social media platform might cause anxiety and cold sweat because being social might not be your strongest trait even though it’s ‘only’ the online space and not face-to-face interaction. Listen up now, Pinterest is not a social media like Facebook or Instagram, it’s a visual search engine. Read that again. Feeling any better?

Keep reading for some helpful tips that will convince you why Pinterest is an awesome marketing tool for introverts.

Get Creative and Share Eye-Catching Pins

Let your creativity shine! Pinterest is about eye-catching visuals that will make you stop scrolling. Pinterest doesn’t care about the number of followers. You can have a few followers but still get a solid reach, traffic, and results. It’s all about the pins you share, boards that you create, and sharing inspirational content. Have fun with it and experiment with what’s working better. You can use Canva for creating your graphics that have a lot of templates, or you can create your own ones. People don’t even need to know who is behind your account, it’s all about the content that you put out!

Keep in mind that Pinterest is a long-distance run, so the results might not come right away. Although, once you get the results, they can really help you increase sales or convert people to your clients/customers. It’s all about experimenting with what’s working or not.

Share Your Passions Without Spotlight on You

You are not there to show off your life or yourself, but share something that you’re passionate about the way that can help to improve your business. Connect something that you love and it’s related to your business with promoting your content the way it will get found. Think about what others would search for when looking for the same/similar content and create pins that will draw attention. It’s not necessarily a spotlight on you, but rather your pins.

Pinterest is all about taking action and directing people to the right places, which is great for introverts because you don’t need to promote it too much or talk about it everywhere. If someone finds you while searching through Pinterest, they can click the website and directly get to where you want them to go.

No Live Videos Needed!

Good news introverts! No need to show your face on stories every day, no need to send out DMs, and no pictures of you needed. Pinterest is all about creating pins and re-pinning other people’s pins. If you want to build relationships, IG and FB are great platforms. Although, if you are looking to increase your traffic and boost your sales, Pinterest can help you big time with less human interaction! Since it’s a search engine, it’s based on searching through the platform. So using the right words and on-side CEO is the key to getting discovered. No need to engage on hashtags or talking on camera. I think Pinterest was invented for INTROVERTS, to be honest, don’t you think?


So what do you say? Do you see some Pinterest perks that might work out better for you than on ‘gram? I believe Pinterest is a great platform for most of us, introverts because we don’t need to show our face all the time as we should do on the other platforms and the engagement/communication with others is minimal. You can just get into a creative mood, use Canva to design some pins, and then add an optimized caption and title. Doing something that you’re passionate about can be very easy to promote on Pinterest because every pin can be linked to the website where you want to send people. It’s really not that complicated to grasp.

Do you use Pinterest for your business or just for personal use? Let me know in the comments below.